In case of inclement weather, call your local center for closure announcements.

Our centers remain open with limited hours of service.
All clients will be screened outside the center before entering and may bring one person with them. 

Please see our revised hours below.

You deserve a comfortable and confidential place to explore all your pregnancy options without judgment. We are a non-profit clinic staffed with professionals focused on empowering you to navigate your decision with clarity and control.

All our services are confidential and professional, offered at no cost to you with no insurance needed. All medical services are provided by medical professionals.

Federal Way   253-941-2664

1414 S 324th St, Suite #B105, Federal Way, WA 98003

MONDAYS    9:30AM — 8:00PM
9:30AM — 12:30PM Medical Clients
11:30AM, 12:30 & 1:30PM Ultrasounds
12:30PM — 2:30PM Baby Supplies
2:30PM — 8:00PM Medical Clients

WEDNESDAYS   9:30AM  — 5:00PM
9:30AM — 1:30PM Baby Supplies
1:30PM — 5:00PM Medical Clients

THURSDAYS   1:00PM — 8:00PM
1:00PM — 8:00PM Medical Clients

FRIDAYS  11:00AM — 5:00PM
11:00PM — 5:00PM Medical Clients

Gig Harbor  253-858-5585

2727 Hollycroft St, Suite #130, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

TUESDAYS    9:00AM — 5:00PM
9:00AM — 12:00PM Baby Supplies
1:00PM — 5:00PM Medical Clients

WEDNESDAYS   9:00AM — 5:00PM
9:00AM — 12:00PM Baby Supplies
1:00PM — 5:00PM Medical Clients

Kenmore   425-398-5820

6524 NE 181st St, Suite #9, Kenmore, WA 98028

MONDAYS    1:00PM — 7:00PM (1st and 3rd Monday)
1:00PM — 4:00PM Medical Clients
4:00PM — 7:00PM Parenting and Baby Supplies

WEDNESDAYS    10:00AM — 6:00PM
10:00AM — 12:00PM Baby Supplies
12:00PM — 6:00PM Medical Clients

FRIDAYS    10:00AM — 2:00PM
10:00AM — 12:00PM Medical Clients
12:00PM — 2:00PM Parenting

Lakewood  253-984-6222

10828 Gravelly Lake Dr SW, Suite #101, Lakewood, WA 98499

1:00PM — 5:00PM Parenting / Baby Supplies

9:00AM — 5:00PM Medical Clients
STD Clinic (2nd & 3rd Wed.)

12:00PM — 5:00PM Parenting / Baby Supplies
5:00PM — 7:00PM By Appointment Only

1:00PM — 5:00PM Medical Clients

Puyallup  253-770-8697

10215 125th St Ct E, Puyallup, WA 98374

MONDAYS    1:00PM — 5:00PM
1:00PM — 5:00PM Medical Clients
STD Clinic on 1st Monday of the month

TUESDAYS    9:00AM — 2:00PM
9:30AM — 10:30PM Medical Clients
10:30AM — 12:30PM Parenting & Baby Supplies
12:30PM — 2:00PM Medical Clients

WEDNESDAYS    9:00AM — 5:00PM
9:00AM — 2:00PM Medical Clients
2:00PM — 5:00PM Baby Supplies

THURSDAYS    12:00PM — 8:00PM
12:30PM — 4:00PM Medical Clients
4:00PM — 8:00PM Parenting & Baby Supplies

Tacoma  253-383-2988

1924 S Cedar St, Suite B, Tacoma, WA 98405

MONDAYS    11:00AM — 6:00PM
11:00AM — 1:00PM Baby Supplies
1:00PM — 6:00PM Medical Clients

WEDNESDAYS    9:00AM — 5:00PM
9:00AM — 2:00PM Medical Clients
2:00PM — 5:00PM Baby Supplies

THURSDAYS    9:00AM — 1:00PM
9:00AM — 1:00PM Medical Clients

Mobile Medical Units

Bellevue Mobile Medical Unit
425-837-3643 or email

Jubilee REACH, 14200 SE 13th Place, Bellevue WA 98007

11:30AM — 5:00PM Medical Clients & Baby Supplies
11:30; 12:30; 1:30; 2:30; 3:30 STD Screenings

2:30PM — 6:00PM Medical Clients & Baby Supplies
3:00; 4:00; 5:00PM STD Screenings

Seattle Mobile Medical Unit

Closed until further notice

Care Net Pregnancy & Family Services



Care Net regularly receives feedback from clients about their experiences. When you come to one of Care Net’s eight centers serving 10 locations, Federal Way, BellevueSeattleGig Harbor, Kenmore, Lakewood, Puyallup and Tacoma, you can expect to have a positive, caring experience.

This was just what I needed. My client advocate gave me hope no matter my decision. She was non-judgmental. She made me feel welcome and safe to talk about my concerns. Thank You.

Pregnancy Test Client, Pregnancy Services

I really liked my client advocate a lot. She was very respectful and kind. Overall, I was very comfortable and plan on returning for an ultrasound.

Pregnancy Test Client, Pregnancy Services

At Care Net, I discovered I was not the only one to have these emotions. They understood what I was going through and helped me think things through.

Pregnancy Test Client, Pregnancy Services