Care Net Pregnancy & Family Services


Need parenting support? Call us to sign up!

Are you pregnant or parenting a child who is 24 months or younger?

Would you like to learn hands-on skills to enhance your parenting knowledge and skills?

Do you want to develop a parenting philosophy to guide you through your child’s first years and beyond?

Are you interested in having one-on-one meetings with someone who cares about your parenting success?

Would you like the opportunity to earn maternity and baby supplies?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact us right away! Care Net offers a no-cost Parenting Program that will meet these needs! Available for pregnant and parenting teens, single parents, moms and dads.

Parenting Classes

Care Net classes offer the best of both worlds to help you lay a foundation for successful parenting:

1 – One-on-one meetings with a Parenting Mentor, who help you set up a class schedule, meet with you for individual parenting training sessions and encourage you as a parent.

2 – Group parent education classes covering a variety of topics. At the classes, you’ll meet other parents who may be going through the same things as you. It can be reassuring to know you’re not alone! Classes are categorized into the following topics:

Nurturing Relationships

Safe Places

Healthy Start

Effective Education

Character Development

Get started by contacting your nearest Care Net center. We will schedule an Introduction Appointment, pair you with a Parenting Mentor and set you on the path to parenting confidence and success!

Specialized Classes

We offer specialized classes  for teen moms and specialized classes for dads. Contact us for more information.

Baby Boutique – Material Assistance for You and Your Child

As you complete classes and meet with your mentor, you will earn “Care Net Cash” to spend in the Boutique on needed supplies, such as clothing, furnishings, diapers and more.

Once you begin to earn “Care Net Cash,” the Boutique is open to you as an ongoing resource during your pregnancy and until your child reaches 24 months of age. This is a resource exclusively for clients enrolled and participating in our Parenting Program.

Classes and resources are offered at no cost to you.