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Material Assistance

Emergency Supplies@2x

Emergency Assistance


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Parenting Classes

Customized to meet you where you’re at, our parenting mentors will help you receive the skills and education you need to parent with confidence.

Classes are available for dads, moms and couples! You can enroll the day you find out you’re pregnant and attend classes until your child turns 4 years old.

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Material Support

As you meet with your mentor, you’ll earn “Care Net Cash” to help you meet your child(ren)’s practical needs! You can receive practical supplies from the day you find out you’re a parent until your child turns 4 years old.

Care Net Cash can be used to receive items such as:

  • Diapers
  • Formula
  • Car seats Cribs
  • and more!
Emergency Supplies-1@2x

One-time Emergency Assistance

Out of diapers with a week left until payday? We’re here to help. On your first visit to Care Net of Puget Sound, you can receive up to:

  • 2 dozen diapers (per eligible child)
  • 1 bag of wipes per dozen diapers
  • 2 complete baby outfits
  • 2 blankets
  • 2 maternity outfits
  • Formula

After your first visit, you can continue earning more resources by enrolling in our free parenting classes! All items are dependent on availability in the size range currently needed for your child(ren) up to age four.


Early Bird Classes

Did you just find out you’re pregnant? Enroll in our free, first trimester early bird classes. Each class is led by a registered nurse and covers topics such as:

  • Normal discomforts of pregnancy
  • Precautions during pregnancy
  • What to expect in prenatal care
  • What to eat while pregnant
  • Exercising while pregnant

Early Bird class availability varies.

Childbirth Education Classes

Prepare yourself for birth by signing up for our free childbirth education classes. Led by a certified childbirth educator, these classes cover topics such as:

  • Recognize the signs of labor
  • Breathing & relaxation techniques
  • Stages & phases of labor
  • Birth interventions & hospital procedures
  • Possible variation of labor & childbirth
  • Choices in pain management
  • Birth plans & preparations for the hospital

Classes are recommended during 7-8 months of pregnancy. CBE class availability varies.


Support For Dads

We offer free, one-on-one mentorship where you can gain the skills you need to be a great dad. Whether you just found out about a pregnancy or you’re already a dad, our trained mentors are ready to help.

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