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Abortion may cause a high stress reaction. Some may feel relief initially, but it’s often common to suffer symptoms of post-abortion grief and trauma, days, months or even years after the abortion.

You have come to a safe and confidential place where your privacy is our first priority.  We provide an environment that promotes healing and restoration for women and men who have suffered the loss of a child through abortion. You choose what you are most comfortable with, meeting online or in person.

Recognizing the impact of your loss is the first step toward abortion recovery.

Healing Tide is a safe and confidential place. 

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Kelly at 253-272-1818 (King County)
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If any of the following questions resonate with you, you may be suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome:

  • Do you avoid the subject of abortion?
  • Do you feel shame, grief and guilt at the mention of the word abortion?
  • Do you have lingering feelings of anger, resentment toward people that may have been involved in your abortion?
  • Do you feel unworthy of love?
  • Are you overprotective of the children you have now?
  • Do you feel a vague emptiness or a deep sense of loss?

Healing Tide Testimonials

Hear what our Healing Tide guests have to say about their experiences with us. To hear more about us or to get in touch, please fill out our contact form below.

Our services do not include abortion or referrals for abortion. We honor your right to choose and in no way profit from your choice.

For the first time in decades, I feel healed and restored.

Healing Tide Participant

For the first time in decades, I feel restored and healed.

Healing Tide Participant

I thought I had dealt with it head on, but then I had other children. I was overprotective. I yelled at them for the smallest things. I struggled for a long time accepting the joy of their love, feeling that I was undeserving. I knew something was wrong.

Healing Tide Participant

We invite you on a journey where you can begin to process your emotional pain and be restored to wholeness, experience hope and live in peace. It’s never too late to begin.

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