Understanding Abortion Grief and the Recovery Process

It’s never easy to talk about abortion, especially for people who have gone through it. Women and men who’ve experienced it may carry a burden of thoughts that need to be explained and feelings that need to be addressed. That’s why it is important to learn the truth about abortion grief and the recovery process.

Thoughts and Feelings After Abortion

Deciding to proceed with abortion may involve wrestling with confusion, guilt, and even contentment. As soon as the abortion is over, some women feel relieved. However, this feeling may be fleeting. There’s a possible realization of having lost something that cannot be taken back, causing sadness and regret. This mixture of grief and relief can cause emotional confusion, which could overwhelm the person who went through with the abortion, as well as their partner.

Because of this confusing mix of emotions, some women may not be willing to talk about the abortion. 

On the Road to Recovery After Abortion

Addressing post-abortion thoughts and feelings should involve the following steps:

Grief for the Loss and the Experience.

Instead of keeping your feelings sealed away, give yourself time and space to grieve. Denying the need to grieve may lead to depression, anger, and dependence on pain medication.

Know that You Have a Future Ahead.

Abortion is not the end of your life. Understanding the impact of your loss is the first step toward working through your abortion grief. You can successfully work through this process of grief & loss, feeling healed and restored from this experience.

Talk to Someone about It.

Don’t bottle up your thoughts about the experience. Instead, share it with someone you trust – maybe your partner, a family member, or a close friend. 

Need Help?

If you feel like you need to talk to someone about the abortion recovery process and the things that you’re going through after abortion, we are here for you.

Our program Healing Tide provides a safe and confidential environment to help you in our journey toward healing and restoration. You can participate in 1-on-1 mentoring with someone who’s been through the experience, weekly small groups and/or weekend retreats. 

There is hope after abortion. You can be free from your confusing and frustrating emotions. Our program is completely confidential and safe. Visit our website or reach out to us at 253-267-8938 or to start your healing journey.

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