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Care Net of Puget Sound is a volunteer-led organization. We are always in need of individuals to help in a wide variety of program and support roles. Browse the available opportunities below.

To help you discover how you might serve, we offer Care Net of Puget Sound 101 Introductory Seminars which is basic training for all volunteers.  The Introductory Seminar covers everything from current abortion laws to the Biblical basis for the Sanctity of Human Life and how Care Net’s program services are structured to meet the unique needs of our community.

Care Net 101 Introductory Seminars will provide you the opportunity to meet our program staff, ask questions and learn about training requirements and time commitments involved.  From this seminar, you will begin the process of application and training to prepare you for your specialized field of service.

To register for the next Care Net of Puget Sound 101 Introductory Seminar, Fill out the Volunteer Inquiry Form below. For questions call Ingrid at 253.235.4675 or email [email protected]

**Care Net of Puget Sound does not accept internship requests.

Fill Out a Volunteer Inquiry Form

Frontline Training & Positions

Volunteers who serve in direct client care roles participate in classroom training to prepare them for the job requirements of their chosen position. The training encompasses approximately 32 hours of classroom instruction, which includes practicum/role playing drills in different client scenarios. You will also participate in a self-study course in addition to classroom training to further help develop Pregnancy Coaching skills.

There is a $60 fee to attend this training, which includes a Compassion, Hope, and Help training manual and other supplies provided throughout the training.

Center Receptionist
Answer phones, schedule appointments, greet clients, administrative work and more. (Typical time commitment is one 4-hour shift per week.)

Client Advocate
Meet one-on-one with women, explore pregnancy options, share the Gospel, maintain client relationships and more. (Typical time commitment is one 4-hour shift per week.)

Parenting Mentor
*Opportunity for Women & Men! 
Facilitate individual and group parenting classes, act as a mentor to encourage and advise young parents-to-be or current parents of young children. (Typical time commitment is one 4-hour shift per week.)

Medical Professional
(RN, RDMS-certified individual, physician, physician assistant and nurse practitioner)
*Opportunity for Women & Men! 
Depending upon training and credentials, medical professionals may assist with medical consults, limited obstetrical ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, STI screening, medical history, charting, education and follow up. (Time commitment varies depending on position. Most RNs serve one 4-hour shift per week.) *Care Net does provide training in limited ultrasound. This training is available to RNs after two years of volunteer service in advocacy and on a space-available basis only.

Helpline (At-Home Position)
Be a first point of contact for clients to schedule appointments, provide support, counsel and referrals to clients in need, particularly when centers are closed and incoming calls are transferred to the Helpline. A Helpline Volunteer is trained in the same way as a Frontline Volunteer. (Typical time commitment is one or two night shifts per month or one weekend shift per month.)

Program Training & Positions

Smart Programs Speaker
*Opportunity for Women & Men!
Make a like-changing impact in the lives of teens by going to public schools, organizations and churches to present interactive and educational sexual health programs. (Time commitment is flexible based on schedule.) Smart Programs volunteers are trained by the Smart Programs staff through a three-step process, which includes both observation and one-on-one training. Contact Smart Programs directly to get started. Email [email protected] or call their direct line: 253.336.5956.

Healing Tide Abortion Recovery
Individuals interested in this program should complete a client inquiry form. You will be contacted by the Program Director prior to the application process. Training will be provided by the Helpline Director and an assigned Healing Tide facilitator. There is a $50 fee for your manual and materials.

Ministry Support & Special Events Training & Positions

*Opportunity for Women & Men!
Most Ministry Support and Special Events Positions are on-call or as-available. Training is brief and project-specific, and there are no training fees involved.

Administrative Help
Assist with general clerical and administrative tasks, including mailings, data entry, copying, manual and packet assembly and more.

Facility Maintenance
Help with electrical, plumbing, pest control, handyman services or cleaning services and more.

Delivery Driver
Deliver supply orders and baby boutique supplies between centers.

Act as a community representative to visit area churches, make phone calls and assist with donor events.

Baby Bottle Campaigns
Help recruit churches to participate, prep baby bottles, count and clean bottles after campaign.

Special Events
Attend, sponsor, host a table, join a planning committee, set up and tear down.

Church Liaison
Keep your church updated on volunteer training opportunities, baby boutique needs and other events at their local Care Net pregnancy center. Be the main point-of-contact for your church.

Hospitality, Marketing, IT, Accounting or Other Professional Support

Medical and Legal Advisory Council
Provide consultation and professional services, be a resource for the Board of Director or clients.