The Father Factor

An abortion-minded client and her boyfriend recently visited one of our centers for her ultrasound appointment. With virtually zero family support and her relationship with the baby’s father on the rocks, the prospect of motherhood completely overwhelmed her. It was evident to all that she would rather be anywhere but here.

As our nurse began the ultrasound, the client’s face remained stoic and disinterested, her eyes refusing to even look at the monitor. Her boyfriend shuffled nervously in place, unsure how to feel or what to think, let alone what to say. But as the baby’s silhouette appeared on the screen, the boyfriend’s demeanor instantly changed, his eyes lighting up in disbelief at the now easily distinguishable profile of his unborn child. A smile spread across his entire face as he grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and remarked, “Look! That’s our baby!”

The girlfriend reluctantly turned to face the screen and silently stared for a moment. A solitary tear ran down her face. Her boyfriend’s enthusiasm had provided the safety she needed to grant herself permission to let down her guard and experience her emotions. The couple left the center with a referral for prenatal care and an appointment for their first parenting class at Care Net. What began as a high-risk appointment had turned into the kind of situation for which we exist in the first place.

So why, of all of Care Net’s client stories, is this the one we choose to tell?

The answer is that it illustrates an often neglected but critically important piece of the unplanned pregnancy narrative- the role of the father.  A recently published study by the Guttmacher Institute showed that at least 50% of women who have abortions list “fear of being a single parent” as the reason they chose that option.

The role of the father in this decision-making process (and in the child’s statistical probability of growing up to be a healthy, contributing member of society) cannot be overstated. But sadly, too often, the fathers are not only ignored or silenced in these situations; they are fatherless themselves. They’re as overwhelmed and terrified as the women they care about. And resources to address this problem are scarce.

But thanks to the generous contributions of people like you, Care Net of Puget Sound has plans to change this reality.  Earlier this year, we officially launched our new men’s ministry program, which actively trains up godly male mentors to come alongside the men who enter our centers and invites them into relationships with men who will help them process their own emotions, teach them how to be good fathers, and remind them of their incredible value and significance in this world as leaders of their family and fathers to their children. Through God’s help, we are helping these men become the fathers they never had.

Care Net wants to be available to every anxious father-to-be who enters one of our centers. And with your help, we will be. For this and for all the other programs and services offered, we need your support today. Your commitment and compassion help us build and repair families. There are numerous ways you can serve through Care Net:

•  Volunteer: Our centers need godly Christian women and men to volunteer as client advocates, mentors, and male advisors. Some centers are very short-staffed. If you have a gift, odds are, we have a place for it. Please consider whether the Lord is calling you to use your talents in the service of Care Net of Puget Sound each month

•  Financial: Programs and services take money to create and maintain. Your generosity in the past has been amazing, but the task is not complete. You can make a difference for Puget Sound families by giving a one-time gift or becoming a regular monthly donor. Some gifts can be multiplied when you take advantage of your employer’s matching gift programs.

•  Prayer: God protects, provides and preserves us. He formed our inward parts. He established family, and the attack on life is a spiritual offense against God’s created order. Become a prayer warrior for family, for fathers and mothers and against abortion!

We’re always grateful for the Lord’s provision, and we’re thankful for your enthusiasm, prayer and generosity toward Care Net’s ministry. Your faithfulness enables our work, and we are so grateful.

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