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“The presenter was able to add humor to help with any uncomfortableness. There was great information and tips that helped me feel more prepared to talk to my kids about sex.” – Parent of two

Smart Home

Equipping Parents to Talk to Their Kids About Sex

Smart Home recognizes that parents are the most influential people in their child’s life. In this 30-minute presentation parents are equipped with helpful tips to have conversations with their children about sex. Age appropriate timeline and resource list are included to help parents guide their children to be safe, healthy and smart about their sexual choices.

“It’s nice to know that I’m not being rude when I say no to something. Thanks for the tips on how to help my kids have healthier boundaries as well.” – MOPs mom

Smart Boundaries

Educating Adults About Healthy Personal Boundaries

In this 30-minute presentation helps adults set healthy personal boundaries. It contains fun activities along with a supporting video. Smart Boundaries helps parents to help themselves and to teach their children to combat the ever increasing secular pressures, increase their confidence and confirm their right to their own personal faith and beliefs.

“I didn’t realize how depressed I was. I take care of my family but I want to also take care of myself.” – 28 year-old

Smart Mind

Exploring Mental Health, Depression and Suicide Prevention

In this 30-minute dynamic presentation, Smart Mind explores the definitions, myths, risk factors, and warning signs of depression, postpartum depression and suicide. Participants are given concrete steps to get needed help. Smart Mind also includes tips to talk to their kids about the impact of social media, 10 tips for a healthier mind and an activity that challenges them to think critically about the positive or negative ways their minds can be influenced.

“As a parent and a teacher this presentation was impactful. This is an important topic for all parents and adults that work with youth. Great information!” – Junior high principal

Smart Freedom Adult

Establishing Awareness About Sex Trafficking

In this 30-minute impactful presentation Smart Freedom Adult is designed to help concerned community members, parents, teachers or service providers gain awareness of domestic minor sex trafficking. It contains facts and myths of domestic minor sex trafficking and a Smart Plan giving tips to talk to teens on how to recognize, avoid or escape sex trafficking.

Presentations are also available via Zoom.

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