Providing healthy relationship education for students, parents, and communities.

Since 1999, Smart Programs has provided educational presentations to over 220,000 participants in King and Pierce Counties. Using a thought-provoking interactive style, we encourage students to think critically, live with intention and strive to be safe, healthy and smart.

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“Smart Love really makes you consider your value as a person. It helped me decide what I want out of a relationship and who the relationship is with.”
8th grade student

Smart Love

Empowering Teens to Make Healthy Sexual Choices

In this free 45-minute interactive presentation, Smart Love asks thought-provoking questions to help teens think critically about their sexual health and choices. It encourages them to live with intention and strive to be safe, healthy and smart. Smart Love is age appropriate and in compliance with the Healthy Youth Act. It has been certified as medically and scientifically accurate by a medical review board.

“The information helped me rethink boundaries and how I should look at intimacy in relationships.”
9th grade student

Smart Boundaries

Educating Teens about Consent and Personal Boundaries

In this free 45-minute activity-filled presentation, Smart Boundaries contains entertaining videos and fun activities that help teens understand consent and its vital importance. Topics include defining healthy relationships, refusal skills, break-up tips and how to set strong healthy personal boundaries.

“This presentation was very intense and meaningful. I found the information on protecting yourself and others, recognizing the warning signs to be the most helpful.”
9th grade student

Smart Freedom

Establishing Awareness About Sex Trafficking

In this free 45-minute impactful presentation for teens, Smart Freedom covers the facts and myths of domestic minor sex trafficking. It contains supporting videos and a Smart Plan helping teens recognize, avoid or escape sex trafficking. An educator resource packet is provided, and the presentation is available for classrooms or assemblies.

A presentation is also available for adults. Smart Freedom Adult is designed to help concerned community members, parents, teachers and service providers gain awareness of domestic minor sex trafficking. It contains facts and myths of domestic minor sex trafficking, dangers of pornography, identifying victims, cultural grooming and prevention stratagems. Available for small groups, teacher in-service training and assemblies.

“The classes taught me how to say no and it brought me to a conclusion that I want a healthier lifestyle.”
7th grade student

Smart Steps

Encouraging Teens to Lead a Holistically Healthy Lifestyle

Smart Steps is a free series of 30-45-minute classes encouraging and motivating teens to make healthy life choices. Through discussion, Smart Steps utilizes thought-provoking questions to encourage students to think critically about Healthy Life, True Value, Strong Spirit, Better World and REAL Love.

“The presenter was able to add humor to help with any uncomfortableness. There was great information and tips that helped me feel more prepared to talk to my kids about sex.”
Parent of two

Smart Home

Equipping Parents to Support Their Children in Avoiding Sexual Risks

Smart Home recognizes that parents are the most influential people in their child’s life. In this free 90-minute informational presentation for adults, parents are equipped with current information and helpful tips to have conversations with their child to encourage them to be safe, healthy and smart about their sexual choices. Additional workshop also available.

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