Receiving Life

It was mid-October, and two best friends walked side by side into Care Net.

They were young, and they were scared, anticipating hearing the answer to a life-changing question, “Am I pregnant?”.

What one of these girls, “Tiffany” didn’t know was she was about to have a life changing encounter with the Gospel.

As the client advocates began to speak with them individually, the young women shared about their fears and struggles. Tiffany confided in her client advocate of her struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide. Lovingly, the client advocate listened and comforted, providing resources to help her process her pain.

But most importantly, the client advocate was able to tell Tiffany about a God who loves her, and that day Tiffany met Jesus Christ, her newly found Savior and Friend. When Tiffany left that client room, she was a new creature and immediately told her best friend, “I just became a Christian, and you need to become one too.”

Tiffany’s life would never be the same. Both girls received negative test results. But while the tests came back negative, the experience ended up being the most positive experience of their lives. Tiffany is now a child of God who is eagerly sharing the Gospel with her best friend, and the team of Care Net is earnestly praying for her salvation.

Both girls entered the center that day expecting to find life changing news, and we praise God that one of them did.