It’s Time to Opt in

It’s Time to Opt in

2020 has been quite the year, not only for Washington State but for the entire world.

A presidential campaign, COVID-19, cancelled events and the passage of a monumental bill through WA legislation  — The Comprehensive Sex Education Bill (CSE).

The intent of CSE is to reduce risky sexual activity in young people. However, recent studies show that CSE is not fulfilling its purpose. A new study finds “little evidence that [CSE] programs are effective at producing positive impact on their participants.” The study, through the Institute for Research & Evaluation, Re-Examining the Evidence for School-Based Comprehensive Sex Education, reports that “there was far more evidence of CSE failure than success.” In many cases, CSE encourages children to engage in sexual activity and exploration before they have even begun puberty.

You might be thinking, “Well, I guess it’s time to opt my kids out of sex education.” And you might be right, but we want you to take this step further.

It is actually time to opt in!

There is no question that children need healthy education on how to protect their minds, bodies, and hearts against the dangers of early sexual activity. However, it seems we can no longer trust our public schools’ mandated curriculum to provide this education.

Look no further. We are here to help. It’s time to opt in for free, research-based, educational presentations offered through our Smart Programs.

Smart’s mission is to provide healthy relationship education for students, parents, and communities. We share medically accurate, honest, well-researched material in age-appropriate levels for 6th-12th graders. Currently, we offer 5 different presentations covering a variety of topics that encourage young people to make healthy decisions, and help parents and adults lead with love and truth.

Our Smart Presentations

Smart Home: Parents, you are the most influential people in your children’s lives. We are here to help you help them. In this free 90-minute presentation, you can learn from one of our well-versed speakers about traps to avoid, tips to start the conversation and how to speak truth into this important part of your child’s life.

Our Smart Love presentation asks teens thought-provoking questions to help them think critically about their sexual health and choices. It encourages them to live with intention and strive to be safe, healthy and smart. Smart Love is age appropriate and has been certified as medically and scientifically accurate by a medical review board.

Our Smart Boundaries presentation educates young people on consent and personal boundaries. Young people learn about topics such as defining healthy relationships, refusal skills, break-up tips and how to set strong, healthy personal boundaries.

Our Smart Freedom presentation teaches young people about the dangers of sex trafficking and how to protect themselves from this modern-day slavery. They learn how to recognize the warning signs, escape dangerous situations and access resources in case they fear they or a loved one is being trafficked. We also offer a version for adults.

Smart Freedom Adult is designed to help concerned community members, parents, teachers and service providers gain awareness of domestic minor sex trafficking. It contains facts and myths of domestic minor sex trafficking, dangers of pornography, identifying victims, cultural grooming and prevention stratagems. Available for small groups, teacher in-service training and assemblies.

Our Smart Steps discussion classes asks youth deep questions about how they can best develop a healthy lifestyle. The presentation revolves around five main topics: Healthy Life, True Value, Strong Spirit, Better World and REAL Love.

In September of 2020, we hope to launch a new presentation entitled Smart Minds. In this presentation, we will tackle depression and suicide prevention.

We are here to help.

Growing up is difficult. Adding sexual pressure and confusion can lead to a lot of potential for hurt — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. No parent wants to see their students, grandchildren, children or friends go through pain. The best thing we can do for our young people is ensure they know the dangers of certain sexual choices before they make life-altering decisions.

Let us help you educate yourself, your loved ones, your students, and your staff on the importance of protecting themselves and the generation to come. Visit to learn more and schedule your presentation.