Help Us Keep The Mobile Unit Rolling

Bringing life-affirming
hope, care & help to Seattle

In Seattle today:

Abortion is the #1 cause of death in Washington State, more than cancer and heart disease.

There are nine abortion clinics in Seattle but NO life-affirming pregnancy support centers.

50% of Seattle teenagers who become pregnant choose abortion.

Many women do not have even one person who is willing to help them through their pregnancy.

84% of post-abortive women say they felt that abortion was their only option.

Here’s The Good News!

Care Net is coming to Seattle

Care Net of Puget Sound brings a 35-year track record as the largest pregnancy support organization in the region with:




staff members



We provide compassionate practical care, accurate information, and life-affirming resources related to pregnancy, sexual integrity, and abortion recovery.

Care Net partners with local organizations to provide resources and training. We are bringing a mobile ultrasound unit to Seattle in 2017.

All Services are provided for FREE!

Mobile units will serve women and families where there are currently no life-affirming pregnancy service available. This will give Care Net direction on where to build future centers.

The mobile medical units will reach women right in their neighborhood for:

Pregnancy testing

Ultrasound appointments

STI screenings

See Inside The Mobile Unit!

Care Net believes that the clients who come to us deserve the best. Through Save the Storks, our mobile unit is outfitted to be inviting and comfortable for the women who receive a sonogram and counseling. We want them to experience the love of Christ, to know that they are valuable and that the life growing inside them is precious too. When women feel loved, respected and supported, they’re more likely to keep their babies. The mobile medical unit interior is designed with the attention to detail that makes it a safe, professional and comfortable environment in which to communicate all these things.

So Why Go Mobile?

4 out of 5 women who board a stork bus chose life for their baby.

Direct Fundraising Amounts for the Mobile Unit:


   Staffing & Training $35,000/yr
   Fuel & Maintenance $6500/yr
   Client Marketing & Outreach $5000/yr
   Auto Insurance $4000/yr
   Educational Resources & Supplies  $4000/yr
   Medical Insurance, License & Fees $3000/yr
   Medical Supplies $2000/yr
   Technology Needs $500/yr


Why not start with a traditional pregnancy center location in Seattle?

It takes 18-24 months to open a center while these mobile units can start rolling right away to meet the current need.

Where will it park?

The mobile medical units have flexibility to be parked strategically near college campuses, churches, and community centers. It’s urban-friendly as it fits into one typical parking space. Check out the map below.

Help Us Keep The Mobile Unit Rolling