Yulia came to us in tears last December. She thought she might be pregnant.

But unlike many of our clients, it wasn’t the prospect of being pregnant that terrified her. It was the prospect of allowing herself to hope that maybe this time it might work out.

Yulia was still processing the grief of a recent miscarriage she had experienced at fully five months gestation. And this wasn’t her first miscarriage. Two times in the last six years, she had made it through the danger zone of the first trimester.

She had begun planning baby names and nursery decor…she allowed her heart to melt at the flutter of those first little baby kicks within her womb and watched her waistline disappear to accommodate a precious new life.

Twice she had been devastated by the overwhelming wave of grief and loss of a late miscarriage.

So when Yulia’s pregnancy test came back positive, the flood of emotions came cascading back as well.

Hope felt so much like danger. It was almost too much to process.

Our staff came alongside her and spent time praying with her over this new pregnancy and helping her process the emotions that came with it. We were able to connect her with a local doctor and a specialist to offer her extra support along this journey.

This past week, Yulia came to visit us with baby Tima, her beautiful, HEALTHY new son. The anxiety that filled her on her first visit to Care Net has been replaced with radiant joy.

Tima is what many would call a “rainbow baby,” a term used to describe babies born shortly after the loss of a previous baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or death in infancy.  As rainbows often follow storms, so these precious little ones bring beauty from the ashes of some of life’s storms.

At Care Net, we are blessed and humbled by the opportunity to walk alongside women like Yulia through the trials as they do the courageous work of choosing hope.

“The Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love.” Psalm 147: 11

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