Kimi made an appointment online at Care Net, stating that she was looking for an abortion.

When our client advocate called her and explained our services, Kimi immediately burst into tears. She explained that she had just found out she was pregnant and was completely overwhelmed. She’s a student and stated she can’t afford a baby right now. Through tears, she shared her story, and our client advocate listened with compassion and understanding. Kimi scheduled an appointment for a pregnancy test, ultrasound and pregnancy consultation.

That appointment at Care Net changed everything. She left the appointment stating she plans to continue her pregnancy and parent. Kimi stated she now realizes her search for an abortion was a decision made out of fear. Kimi is no longer living in fear. She’s been shown the support available to her and her baby as a single mom and student, and knows that she and her child will be cared for and supported at Care Net as Kimi begins the adventure of motherhood.

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