Once upon a time, I was living the American dream as a successful businesswoman with a husband and a little girl.

Then, my life changed.

Through a series of difficult circumstances, I fell into addiction.

My addiction led to homelessness, and through a violent wrong that was committed against me, I became pregnant.

Despite my difficult circumstances, I didn’t want to abort, but I also knew I was in no position to give my baby the family he deserved.

So, I decided to choose adoption.

As I researched adoption online, I came across Care Net.

Care Net gave me my first ultrasound, and then a client advocate sat down with me to discuss my options.

When I shared about my desire to choose adoption, Care Net referred me to a wonderful agency, and when I began to look at potential adoptive parents, I only had to look at one family. I opened that first file and when I came to a picture of the family, I felt my unborn baby kick as if to say, “that’s them! That’s my family!”

Reading through their file filled my heart with hope. I knew this would be the family that would love my child in ways I currently could not.

When I went into labor, my son’s adoptive mom was with me the whole time.

Today, my son has an adoptive family who loves him very much. He recently turned two years old, and I cherish the opportunity to see him grow and change through the many pictures and videos his family sends me.

To anyone who feels that choosing adoption is “giving your child away,” I want to tell you that it’s not.

I didn’t “give my son away.” I gifted him to a wonderful family that now has the chance to love and raise this beautiful little boy in a way I couldn’t.

I don’t regret choosing adoption. In fact, if I had to, I’d choose it over and over again to give my son the beautiful life and family is now a part of.

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