Kaeley’s Story

Kaeley’s Story

Not all that long ago, a young single woman faced a seemingly insurmountable life crisis. Freshly unemployed and homeless, on the losing end of a struggle with some intense personal demons, and in the throes of a toxic relationship, she discovered she was pregnant.

The next steps seemed obvious to nearly everyone around her; this was not a woman who was in any place to become a parent. The only reasonable course of action, they assured her, was to abort.

Instead, she scheduled an appointment at one of Care Net of Puget Sound’s pregnancy centers. The rest, as they say, is history. Nine years later, her “crisis pregnancy” has become her greatest blessing. He’s a brown-eyed, curly headed third grader with a passion for orphans and a keen interest in presidential trivia. He’s a source of constant joy and a welcome reminder of beauty spun from ashes.

His mother is the ever-grateful narrator of the story you are reading, now gainfully employed by the very organization who ministered life to her those nine years ago. It is an unspeakable joy to now be paid to help reach women and families in the Puget Sound region with the life-affirming hope and encouragement that Care Net has been so faithfully providing for over 30 years now.

Care Net  offers hope by providing compassionate practical care, accurate information, and life-affirming resources related to pregnancy, sexual health, and abortion recovery. We are fiercely committed to the value and dignity of every life, and our work begins long before a woman ever shows up in our centers for a pregnancy test:

Our Smart Programs are faithfully engaging young people on the topic of sexual health and risk avoidance. This past year, our team engaged over 8,473 students in 37 different schools. Teachers and educators all over the region regularly request our presence in their classrooms.

One recent Smart Programs participant, after hearing our staff presenter, reached out to her and let her know she was pregnant. The staff member began meeting with this girl weekly and helping her make important life choices to prepare her to successfully navigate the road ahead. The girl’s eyes welled up with tears when our staff showed up last month with a gift basket full of clothes and necessary supplies for her baby boy. She is now signing up for our parenting classes, where we can continue pouring love and support into her as she continues her journey.

And while we are overjoyed to be able to say that 97% of our pregnant clients who have an ultrasound in our centers choose life for their babies, we know that 3% of the time, they do not. We are here to offer continued support to those women, too. We make sure they know they are welcomed back in our centers for additional services and resources, should they ever need them.

At Care Net, we realize that, for many women, the mere mention of “the ‘a’ word” can feel like pushing on a painful bruise. The emotional and spiritual wounds of past abortions are all too real, but too often, women believe they must shoulder the burden of these wounds alone. Our Healing Tide program provides a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental place for women to process and release painful post-abortive emotions so they can begin the path toward healing and restoration.

A recent Healing Tide participant remarked, “For the first time in decades, I feel restored and healed.”

That’s exactly what we are about at Care Net- extending our hearts and services to those who need us in the hopes of seeing their lives transformed by the saving love of Jesus Christ so that they, too, can freely live out the abundant lives He designed them to enjoy. We love because He first loved us. This hope is both an anchor for the soul and a compass for the work in front of us. It does not disappoint.

There’s a brown-eyed, curly headed third grader curled up in the corner with a book about Hamilton as I type this. God’s mercies are new every morning.

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