Jacey’s Story

Jacey’s Story

Jacey is an incredible example of what it means to overcome. After many failed attempts in rehab and losing custody of two children due to addiction, the rubber finally hit the road when  Jacey realized she was pregnant with her third child. Enough was enough. It was time to make a change.

The road ahead of Jacey was a tough one. She had very little support in her life, but she found a friend and a necessary outlet at Care Net, where she is now faithfully attending parenting classes as the clean and sober mother of a handsome little man named Jackson. 

When asked what part does Care Net played in her story, Jacey responded, “Coming here reaffirms my parenting; I know I can come to Care Net for support and answers. When I go to correct my son, I ask myself whether or not I’m parenting in grace and truth.”

The road has not been easy by any means for Jacey but she continues to persevere and is pursuing school and work in social services.  In spite of all the obstacles she faces on a daily basis, she chooses to press on and put her trust in Christ.

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