I came to Care Net at a really hard time in my life.

I had been living in the Philippines. But in 2019, I came to the US to visit for the holidays. My boyfriend lived here in the states, and I ended up pregnant.

When he found out I was pregnant, he left me.

I wanted to make sure my baby was okay through having an ultrasound. I googled “ultrasound” and called Care Net. The woman on the phone was so kind and friendly, I decided to come in for an ultrasound. They were so helpful. The staff gave me a snack, a tour of the center and even offered to pray for me.

I was able to see my baby on the ultrasound which was a relief.

Care Net told me about their parenting classes where I could get supplies for my baby, and I signed up right away. Not only did I start earning free supplies for my baby, but I received beautiful maternity dresses as well.

Pregnancy Complications

With my due date getting closer and closer, I started trying to get back to the Philippines. But I couldn’t due to COVID travel restrictions. I hadn’t planned on delivering my baby in the states and didn’t have any insurance.

This was especially concerning, because the nurse at Care Net had pointed out some pregnancy complications she was seeing. She gave me insurance referrals and encouraged me to see a doctor right away.

A couple of weeks before my due date, I ended up needing to have an emergency c-section as it was no longer safe for me to carry. It was really scary. I just kept praying, asking Jesus to take care of the baby.

I delivered my son, beautiful little Logan. Shortly after his birth, Logan ended up in the ICU due to breathing issues and he stayed there for 2-3 weeks.

All these medical complications were really overwhelming. But I’m so grateful that, with Care Net’s referral program, we were able to get insurance, and my baby got the care he needed.


Logan is now a healthy six month old. He is learning to sit up and loves playing with our dogs.

As for me? I met a wonderful man, and last December we were married. Now we’re raising Logan together and taking virtual parenting classes together. Care Net continues to fill the gaps, teaching me how to be the best I can be for my baby.

If I have any advice to give a young woman who is pregnant, I’d say, “you’re not alone.” There is always love and there are always options. Care Net will be there to support you. They know how to listen.

Care Net not only helped provide everything we need, but, as a post-partum mom, they have been my friends. They’ve helped build the moral fabric of our family. I really appreciate the Care Net team.

Parenting is a privilege. It builds your character.

Trust the process and enjoy the change. It’s a gift. It’s the chance of a lifetime.

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