Ellissia and Samuel

Ellissia and Samuel

Last November, Ellissia and Samuel started taking virtual parenting classes with one of our Lakewood parenting mentors Pam. Baby Jayce was born this past January, and we recently had the chance to reconnect with this sweet family and provide them with a basket of gifts.

Thinking back to parenting classes at Care Net, Ellissia said that the breastfeeding classes were a godsend. They were having trouble breastfeeding in the hospital, but after reviewing her notes from her classes, she and Jayce were able to succeed with breastfeeding at home.

Ellissia also said she loved the one-on-one virtual discussions with Pam as they helped her solidify the knowledge she was gleaning from the videos. She said their calls were encouraging and the spiritual conversations were helpful because they reminded her to focus on God throughout her delivery and after.

Jayce is their first child, and they are so thankful that Care Net has been there to support them in this big transition.

Ellissia and Samuel plan on resuming parenting classes at Care Net soon, knowing their journey of learning as parents is just beginning. We are excited to continue this journey alongside them.

Learn more about our virtual parenting program here.

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