When Darren first walked into our Tacoma center, he would hardly make eye contact with our team.

He was in the midst of an ugly custody battle for his son, and his attorney had recommended he take parenting classes to demonstrate his commitment to being a good dad. At the time, Darren had no visiting rights and it was wrecking him.

Darren got connected to one of our male parenting mentors and immediately got to work. Week after week, he devoted himself to learning what it meant to be a good father. It was obvious he loved his son deeply.

When we asked Darren what he had for baby supplies at his apartment, Darren said he didn’t have anything. We set Darren up with a crib, car seat as well as other items so he could put together a home that would show the courts his devotion to being the best father to his son.

A few weeks ago, Derren came into our center beaming. The courts have approved him to have his son for a weeklong visit later this month. He is so excited to continue to work on being the dad his child deserves.

Learn more about how we’re supporting dads and find support at carenetps.org/men.

Name and minor details were changed to protect our client’s confidentiality.