Tasha’s Story

Tasha’s Story

The sight of Tasha’s positive pregnancy test flooded her with both excitement and fear: she always wanted to be a mother, but she and her boyfriend were both on the losing end of a battle with drug addiction, and the timing was less than perfect.

Immediately after Tasha gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Jan, the hospital found drugs in her system, and child protective services had no choice but to remove little Jan from her care. It was a devastating moment for both Tasha and the baby’s father. They decided then and there that they needed to make a change. Both parents entered treatment and worked closely with CPS, jumping through every hoop required and passing every single drug test with flying colors.

During this time, Tasha and her boyfriend also began taking parenting classes at Care Net of Puget Sound, where they received weekly instruction, encouragement, and material resources as they worked to become the best parents they could be.

Today, Tasha and her boyfriend have full custody of their bouncing baby boy and have been officially clean for 19 months. Tasha is in a paid internship program at Goodwill in addition to being enrolled in a culinary program. It was a joy to catch up with them when they recently brought in diapers to donate to Care Net as a “thank you” for all the love and support they received in our centers.

When asked what one thing Tasha would say to others out there who may be struggling with similar situations, Tasha confidently answered, “Take your children seriously; you can always be a better parent.”

Click here to make a donation to help women and families like Tasha through Care Net of Puget Sound.

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