Last summer, Camila came to Care Net in need of emergency supplies for her unborn baby. As we gave her supplies, we told her about our parenting program where she could
earn even more supplies for her baby, such as a car seat, crib, highchair, etc., all while learning how to flourish as a mom.

Though Camila had just a month until her due date, she was eager to jump in and learn all she could. Thanks to our virtual parenting program she was able to do just that. Camila started classes with incredible enthusiasm. While our parenting clients generally watch one lesson per week, Camila was watching anywhere from two to four video lessons from home, faithfully completing her homework and attending her virtual meetings with her parenting mentor. She earned numerous items for her and her baby at no financial cost to her!

The next month, Camila gave birth to her son, Lucas. And, if that part of the story isn’t inspiring enough, Camila continued to prove that motherhood does not mean the end of your dreams. A few months after Lucas was born, Camila resumed studies at a local college as she pursues her dream of becoming a teacher.

On top of college and parenting, she also works part time to help support herself. She temporarily paused parenting classes during those first months of parenting, but we recently heard from Camila. Lucas is now five months old, and she’d like to continue parenting classes at Care Net.

Despite her busy schedule, she sees the benefits of continuing to educate herself so she can be the best mom possible!

Learn more about our parenting program here.

Names and details have been changed to ensure client confidentiality.

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