A former client named Amber recently left the following note in one of the Care Net of Puget Sound centers:

“Hey Judi, this is Amber. You may not remember me, but you were the light in my dark world. I just wanted to give you an update. “

Amber left her phone number and the invitation for Judi, her former client advocate, to give her a call.

Judi wasted no time. Amber was one of those clients whose story had gripped the hearts of everyone at Care Net.

Amber’s Story

When she first came to us, she was trading sex for a place to sleep. She needed to make sure that she wasn’t pregnant or infected with an STD. She was neither of these things, but she was still in a really bad spot, and she needed help figuring out how to escape.

Our staff worked with Amber to get her into transitional housing, where she would be required to set goals for becoming self-sufficient, gaining employment, and finding a long term housing option.

We knew she had a long road ahead of her, but we were hopeful this would be the first step in the right direction. We kept her in our thoughts and prayers long after she left our care, wondering what had happened to her.

So when she visited our center and left that note, Judi was thrilled to return her call. Amber shared that she had made a few more bad life choices and ended back in the streets and in her old patterns. She stayed there for a time until she hit her own personal rock bottom and watched a young man die in front of her.

“It could have been me,” she soberly told Judi.

That’s when Amber knew something had to change for good. She timidly returned to the church of her youth, where she was embraced with open arms and reunited with her family. She also came to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Today, Amber has a great job and her own apartment. She’s thriving in the life we had all prayed she might find.

Not all our clients are experiencing crisis pregnancies. Some are experiencing crisis in their general lives. And sometimes, as the Lord allows, we are blessed with the opportunity to help them in some small way simply by extending hope and caring enough to go the extra mile to honor their dignity and assure them they matter.

We are thrilled to hear that Amber is doing well and thrilled to have been used to make a difference in her life.

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