An International Partner

An International Partner

We want to take a moment to spotlight Agape Care Net and their pregnancy center located in Majengo, Kenya. Majengo is a city of about 90,000 located in the heart of an area known for the most black-market abortions in the country. Two years ago, Pastor Reuben Luvanga (pictured here) and his wife Maurine decided they wanted to make a difference. They founded a ministry focused on supporting these young women, many of whom have been chased away from home by their parents due to their pregnancies.

Among them is Caro. Pastor Reuben shares, “Her boyfriend, after learning that Caro was pregnant, ran away, leaving Caro who was forced to leave home by her parents. Fortunately, we had an opportunity to counsel her when she was considering having an abortion at home which is a risky and dangerous practice that has taken away many girls here [in] the slums in Majengo.” Caro chose to continue her pregnancy and gave birth to a little boy, Travis. Despite the hardships she’s experienced in life, she thanks God for Agape Care Net.

Thanks to the support of 4US Adopt a Center through the ultrasound machines they’ve donated to us, we were able to recently bless the team in Majengo with one of our older ultrasound machines. Reuben and Maurine are overjoyed at the gift, having already enlisted the help of the ultrasound technician from a local hospital to operate it for them.

In addition to their new ultrasound capabilities, Agape Care Net continues to provide relationship education, options counseling, STD testing, material support and, most importantly, the message of the gospel to the people of Majengo. Please join us in praying for Agape Care Net, and if you’re interested in learning more about their ministry contact Pastor Michael Sandberg at [email protected].

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