A God Without Limitations

A new parenting mentor was discouraged. She had struggled through the training, feeling inadequate to help her new clients who so desperately needed her advice.

Weighed down by spiritual warfare, she faced her first client concerned that she would fail.

But God was about show to her that He is not limited by her limitations. “Tessa” was in her mid-thirties, pregnant and interested in the parenting classes Care Net offered.

The new mentor began to advise Tessa and help her get ready for the arrival of her baby. Through this new mentor’s compassionate, loving advice, Tessa began learning how to prepare for her baby, but she also learned how she could be born-again.

Today, by the grace of God, Tessa is not only a new mother, but she is a new Christian. We praise God for how He used the prayerful mentoring of this new mentor to show this new mother how she could become a new creation.

Once again, God showed His people that He is a God without limitations.